"When I have a case to solve, she appears out of nowhere to hinder--I mean, help me." - Touch Detective 2 ½ description
"All you need is love. ...And chocolate fondue." - ?
"Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven." - Chloe's motto[1]

Chloe, known as Chitose (ちとせ) in Japan, is a friend and rival of Mackenzie. She calls herself "Chloe the Super Sleuth" and always appears when Mackenzie has a case. Chloe is daring and generally takes actions before figuring out their consequences, which results on her getting into trouble. Despite being often ranting and raving, Chloe has a pure child-like heart and is able to see the fairy in Episode 3 of Touch Detective.

In Touch Detective 2 ½ she becomes a fan of Inspector Daria and tries to help her in Episode 3. In Episode 5 she asks Mackenzie to help her collect Raffle Vouchers.



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