The Circus Master is the master of the Circus that appears in Touch Detective. He is a despicable, selfish man that is always rubbing people the wrong way. He isn't very smart and has a really bad memory. Despite those traits, he is an amazing performer and wild animal trainer, being able to tame the beast Karbanog.

Years ago, the Circus Master disappeared during a show to search for Karbanog before it could cause any damage. He never came back, and all the money from the ticket sales was gone. The performers, who were not paid, were fined for not having an exhibition permit, and most of them (Beatrice, Dover, Lugol, Shorty, Katrina, Myron and Myrtle) settled in the town. Some time during his search, the Circus Master started a Cirque de Fleas, as Fleas are smart, submissive, and don't cost a lot to feed.

In the last episode of the game, the Circus Master returns to the town with his Cirque de Fleas. The Fleas are attacked, and when the flea Johnny is injured, the Circus Master allows Mackenzie to investigate the case. Mackenzie discovers that Dover is the responsible, and during the incident, Karbanog is found on the Circus Master's head. Happy for finding Karbanog, the Circus Master allows Dover to work on the Circus. However, in the day the Circus would open, the Circus Master "loses" Karbanog again (which is on his head) and disappears to search for him again. He is later found by Dover inside a hole below the ice of the Ice Skating Rink.