"He has served as our family butler for many generations. His inventions are, um, interesting." - Touch Detective 2 ½ description
"The clever hawk hides its claws." - Cromwell's motto[1]
"Numquam moribimur! (We never die)" - ?

Cromwell, known as Jii (じい) in Japan, is a butler that serves Mackenzie's family for several years. He is a genius inventor and uses his inventions and knowledge to help Mackenzie. His room has a medieval appearance and his bed resembles an iron maiden. He doesn't like garlic and crosses, this added to his coffin like bed points to Cromwell being a vampire. He is the leader of a Hide-n-Seek team, participating with the nickname "Chief Zen". Other members of his Hide-n-Seek team include Gaits, Edvard, Horace, Frida and Penny, which are nicknamed "Kung Fu Ninja", "Samurai Dancer", "Sushi Master", "Geisha Starlet" and "Nunchuck Warrior". It's unknown who has each nickname; however, "Kung Fu Ninja" belongs to Gaits who refers to himself by this name when you find him the first time.




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