"She works at Naked Bones, but she says she never has enough money to pay her rent." - Touch Detective 2 ½ description
"I know it's only rock 'n' roll but I like it." - Daisy's motto[1]

Daisy (デイジー Deijī) is a girl that lives in room 203 of Beatrice's Condominium and has a part-time job in the clothing boutique Naked Bones. In Episode 1 of Touch Detective Daisy had recently moved to the condominium and is angry with Penelope, who lives on the room below and constantly makes noise by hitting the ceiling, and in answer Daisy hits the floor asking her to stop. Later she discovers Penelope thinks Daisy is talking with her in Morse code and wants to be friends. After Episode 1 she becomes a friend of Mackenzie and Penelope. In Touch Detective 2 ½ she moved back to her home, but returns after the work on the condominium is "finished".



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