"He's a very famous actor; his "tattoo performances" are a must-see!" - Touch Detective 2 ½ description

Dover, known as Buraddo (ブラッド, possible translations being "Brad", "Blood" or "Brood") in Japan, is an anthropomorphic shark that is always hanging out at Antoinette's Sweet Mountain eating all types of sweets, and is usually low on money. He used to work on the Circus by performing with the tattoos in his back, moving them with his muscles. When a flea bit his frog tattoo, the frog looked like it had a navel and his act was ruined. Embarrassed and humiliated, he left the circus.

In Touch Detective, Dover attempts to return to the circus, but the Circus Master ignores him as he is now working with Fleas. Angry, Dover attempts to kill all fleas, saying they ruined his life again. When trying to smash a flea, he accidentally hits the Circus Master's hat and finds Karbanog sleeping on his head. Dover is terrified and tries to put the hat back on the Circus Master's head, but Mackenzie, seeing how fluffy and cute Karbanog is, touches him. Karbanog awakens and bites Dover, making him run away. After Mackenzie solves the case, Dover is accepted back into the Circus, but the Circus Master disappears and the Circus is closed. Dover and a Flea lament the event on the pastry shop. Determined to make a comeback, Dover searches for the Circus Master, eventually finding him on the Ice Skating Rink.

In Touch Detective 2 ½, Dover runs an Arowana goldfish stand in Episode 1 and later becomes a member of the Tough Guys Club formed by him, Harrison and Friday.


  • Dover (possibly) cannot swim, as seen from the bonus episode in Touch Detective 2 1/2. He states that he "landed in the ocean once and nearly drowned". 
  • Dover has a crush on Penelope; this is mentioned in episode 3 in Touch Detective.