The Ice Skating Rink is a skating rink located in the Park.  It is run by Barnaby, a walrus who constantly complains of the freezing temperature.

In Touch Detective, the Ice Skating Rink is accessible only in Case 3 and in the bonus episode.  Penelope finds an ice fairy that is stranded at the rink, the only cold place in town, and asks Mackenzie to help him get back to his home. The owner, Barnaby, is tired of living in the cold and is looking to turn the rink into a swimming pool, causing the temperature to rise and threatening the fairy's life. Chloe comes up with two near-disastrous ideas for saving the fairy, but Mackenzie realizes they to make it snow so the fairy can go to his home. Mackenzie helps Chloe cast a spell that summons forth an "angel" (Penelope in an angel outfit) and manage to make it snow, and successfully freeing the fairy.  At the end, Mackenzie states that the rink was successfully turned into a swimming pool, but there were still chunks of ice left in the water, so nobody went there.