Karbanog is a cute rabbit-like creature from Touch Detective. According to the Circus Master, Karbanog is the most vicious animal in the world, having sharp fangs, moving like the wind, and everywhere he goes, a trail of blood follows. The Circus Master is the only person who can control him. As the Circus Master has a bad memory, he believed Karbanog had run away, but in fact, Karbanog was below his hat. The Circus Master disappeared during the night the to search for him without warning, causing a lot of trouble for his performers.

When Dover accidentally hits the Circus Master's hat in Episode 4 and sees Karbanog, he starts shaking with fear and tries to put the hat back before he awakens. Mackenzie, unable to resist his cuteness, touches Karbanog, adding him to her Touch List. Karbanog awakes and bites Dover, making him run away. In the Bonus Episode, the Circus Master is happy that Karbanog was found, but he "loses" Karbanog (who is below his hat) again and disappears to search for him.