Lynsey, known as Mira (ミラ) in Japan, is a small girl from Touch Detective that likes stars, dolls and chocolate, often visits the Planetarium to see the stars and get the free chocolate. She is always carrying a hand puppet named Lini (マギ, Magi in Japan). She is a friend of Ogden, and he captures Penelope and makes her think she is a doll named Lynette (マーガレット, Margaret in Japan) so Lynsey can play with her in a secret room in the Planetarium. Lynsey gets angry with Mackenzie when she tries to take Lynette away, and cries when they manage to escape in the end of Episode 2. In the Bonus Episode she tells Mackenzie she has a new friend named Felicia. When Mackenzie goes visit her, Chloe is running away from Lynsey, who is calling her Felicia.