"I'm a detective... and the main character... tee-hee!" - Touch Detective 2 ½ description
"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." - ?

Mackenzie, also known as Rina Ozawa (小沢里奈 Ozawa Rina) in Japan, is the protagonist of Touch Detective. She is a girl that wants to become a detective, which is her family's business, but has trouble finding cases. Her pet mushroom Funghi helps her as an assistant, as well as her family's longlife butler Cromwell. In the first game her friend Penelope gives three of her four main cases (Beatrice giving her second case) and Chloe seems to be her rival. After solving the four cases, she joins the Great Detective Society and gains the title "Touch Detective".

In Touch Detective 2 ½, she has to solve even more cases (but Penelope only causes 1 out of 5 of them) and even meets a new ally, Inspector Daria, and a new villain, the Cornstalker.

Her age is unknown, but she appears to be about 10-12 years old.


Despite her age and size, she is the most adult-like of the group. She is very respectful, knows her manners, and is even considered the leader of her group (or at least seems like it). But she is still a kid, so she has her faults at some points. She doesn't believe in fairy tales or magic, but will resort to seek help from the local Fortune Teller if she needs help even if she doesn't understand what the fortune actually means. She will also resort to 'petty tricks' if it means she can solve the case she's doing, but this is rarely as she tries to do a more 'logical' approach without using child-like means. Some things make her very confused since she is still a child, so she often doesn't get what to do at times and does seek help when needed or finds out clues by herself that could help her. And she is still a child, so she is somewhat scared of things (bugs and frogs she's okay with).