"It's funny--all my cases revolve around her. I guess she's just a magnet for trouble." - Touch Detective 2 ½ description
"Dream the dreams that have never been dreamed." - Penelope's motto[1]

Penelope, known as Manami (まなみ) in Japan, is one of the girls that lives in Beatrice's Condominium (room 102) in town and is Mackenzie's best friend.  She plays an integral role in both games.

In Touch Detective all of Mackenzie's cases involve her in some way or another: in Case One, her dreams are stolen by Antoinette, in Case Two she is kidnapped by the Astronomer and Lynsey, in Case Three she meets a snow fairy and helps him escape from the ice skating rink before it closes down, and in Case Four, she witnesses the assault of a flea in the Circus and helps Mackenzie figure out who the attacker is.

In Touch Detective 2 ½, she plays a lesser role than in the first. Only Case One revolves around her.  However, she still assists Mackenzie during her cases by giving her hints.


Penelope is from a very rich family, so she has a very lavish lifestyle. However, she is rather air-headed and forgetful, and is notorious for doing strange things such as abruptly disappearing for a period of time, or not talking to anyone (including herself) and instead pantomiming for a week.[2] However, she is very sweet girl to everyone, despite her undeniable outlandishness.  Her favorite food is bananas, to the point her room has a banana stand and stuffed bananas.



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