Silver (シルヴァー) is a realistic puppet model created by Lord Sprazer II several years ago. In Episode 4 of Touch Detective 2 ½, Penelope found Silver inside the greenhouse of the Haunted Mansion and thought he was a corpse, asking Mackenzie to investigate. Penelope, Mackenzie and Chloe go to the Greenhouse and discover he is a puppet. Mackenzie searches the Haunted Mansion and finds the Windup Screw needed to activate Silver, but is unable to use it. After talking with Cromwell and Connor, Mackenzie discovers that there is a special way to use the screw and activates him.

Silver awakens and talks with the girls, and Penelope asks him to sing. Silver could sing beautifully in the past, but now his singing voice is awful because of a strange incident that happened in the Greenhouse years ago, which involves the Greenhouse's glasses. To cheer him up, Mackenzie and Penelope try to discover the whereabouts of the girl Silver had mentioned. After some searching, Mackenzie discovers that Colleen is the girl Silver saw, and asks her to talk with Silver. The two become great friends, but when Colleen touches the Greenhouse's glass, Colleen disappears and Silver regains his singing voice. Later in the Bonus Episode Colleen learns a way to become visible again by using the Greenhouse's glass, but when she is visible Silver loses his singing voice, and gets it back when she turns invisible again. Colleen winds-up Silver when needed.