The Touch List, known (roughly) as the "Touch Feeling Encyclopedia" (さわり心地図鑑) in Japan, is a blue book that Mackenzie uses to take note of objects she touched. In the end of Touch Detective, Cromwell accidentally sent the Touch List to the Great Detective Society instead of Mackenzie's Investigation Report, which resulted in Mackenzie gaining her title of "Touch Detective". In Touch Detective 2 ½, Cromwell says to Mackenzie that someone is interested in publishing her Touch List and she must revise it. When her Touch List is complete with all 50 items from the game, the man interested in publishing the book appears to negotiate the publication. However, Mackenzie recognizes the publisher, who is actually the fraudster Eric tricking Cromwell to gain money. Eric runs away and Cromwell laments that he lost money and the book will not be published.

Touch ListEdit

Touch DetectiveEdit

#ObjectMackenzie's description
01 Funghi He's sooo cute! I just wish he wasn't so slippery.
02 Dover's Skin It's scaly and rough like sand paper. I don't like the feel of it.
03 Karbanog He's so warm and cuddly. I want to take him home with me.
04 Trench Coat It's as stiff as a board. I think he used too much waterproof spray on it.
05 Jacket Lining It's silky and made of very high-quality material. I'm so surprised!
06 Barnaby's Fur Coat It's shaggy and a bit ragged, so it must be fake fur.
07 Beatrice's Tail The feathers are thick and beautiful. It's no wonder Beatrice is so proud of them.
08 Lynsey's Cheek It's plump and squishy. I love to squeeze it!
09 Edge of Order Slip Running my fingers along the ridges makes me happy!
10 Frost on Frozen Package It's cold and icy. Brrr...
11 Hot Dog It's hard, crispy, and slightly burnt. I don't think Shorty's a very good cook.
12 Teddy Bear's Paw It feels strangely realistic. I wonder if--No, it couldn't be. ...Could it?
13 Handkerchief The design is scary, and I can't fold it because it's been over starched.
14 Paper Bag The paper is very smooth. It's thin but durable. Interesting...
15 Tweezers The bumps on the grip make it easy to hold, and squeezing the pincers together is fun!
16 Battery Connector I can see the electrons escaping into the air!
17 Sofa I like peeling my hand off the leather. It tickles!
18 Carpet Fringe I love to play with the soft tassels... But they're starting to fall off.
19 Cactus I like touching the little spikes, but--ouch!--sometimes they hurt.
20 Knox's Mouth It moves when Cromwell speaks, which freaks me out.
21 Cromwell's Bed It's hard, cold, and very, very creepy.
22 Stone Pavement It's rough, coarse, and slightly warm.
23 Pavement around Fountain It's damp and cool, and there's a bit of moss growing between the cracks.
24 Wrinkle in Flooring It makes a strange noise when I push on it.
25 Curtain It's a velvety and beautifully draped. So lovely!
26 Crystal Ball I can feel the energy of the universe in it.
27 Clothes They're made of expensive imported fabrics. Very stylish!
28 Serving Tray The tiny points inside it can be used for acupuncture. I feel so healthy!
29 Potted Plant The leaves are beginning to wither. This plant hasn't been watered in weeks!
30 Penelope's Pillow It's so fluffy! I wonder what it's made of...
31 Pond The water's too warm. It feels like bathwater.
32 Ice It feels smooth when I walk on it, but rough when I touch it. I wonder why...
33 Air Conditioner Streamers Each color feels different. Orange is my favorite.
34 Sign It's dusty and--oh my, someone's vandalized it!
35 Chair It's got a lot of spring to it, so it's great for jumping on. Not that I've done that before.
36 Mailbox I like making dents in it, like an empty soda pop can.
37 Iron Wall Ornament It's rusty. My hands turned brown after touching it. Cool!
38 Rope It's very coarse and scratchy. It hurts my hands.
39 Bench It's hard and uncomfortable to sit on. The wood is old and has a lot of splinters.
40 Crime-Scene Tape It's been used so many times, it's not sticky anymore.
41 Doughnuts They're a bit too sweet for my taste.
42 Mysterious Object They're soft and gooey. I wonder what they taste like...
43 Fountain Water The water's cool and relaxing...
44 Beach Ball There's not enough air in it, so I can't bounce it. ...That makes me sad.
45 Flowerpot It's quite magnificent! Perhaps it's from the Ming Dynasty...
46 Snowman's Nose It's been sharpened to a fine point. I think it could pierce a coconut!
47 Railing It's sticky and full of chewing gum. Ewww...
48 Penelope's Hair It's floating. How can that be?
49 Pillar The smooth spirals give it a sophisticated look. Very elegant!
50 Laughing Bag I like the feel of the crumpled material gathered near the drawstring.


If you collect all 50 objects, you'll get a Secret Group Photo!

Touch Detective 2 ½Edit

01 Funghi He's sooo cute! I just wish he wasn't so slippery.
02 Sunlight Ahhh... It's so warm and soothing...
03 Inspector Daria's Hair It's really dry and full of split ends. I think she dyes it! Tee-hee!
04 Friday He's really bristly. I think he'd make a good hairbrush.
05 Large Sieve It's really bouncy... I wish I could jump on it like a trampoline.
06 Sticker Backing The front is smooth, and the back is rough... but it's still kind of boring.
07 Sofa It's so soft... I just want to sink into it. But, I better not... it's covered with dust.
08 Duster It flitters and flutters when I wave it around! Whee!
09 Harrison's Beard Ew... It's all bushy and unkempt. I don't like it.
10 Heart Tree There's a serene feeling that surrounds it... How mysterious!
11 Cardboard Box The edge is jagged and bumpy. I like to run my fingers along it.
12 Penelope's Blanket It's so soft and warm... I just want to snuggle inside it!
13 Marshmallow It's made of sweet and fluffy yumminess!
14 Handlebar Tassels They're so frilly... I like to twirl them!
15 Gummy Candy It's fun to smush it!
16 Gauntlet It's sooo cold! It feels like it's trying to steal my soul...
17 Seabottom Dweller It feels like... fabric. How disappointing...
18 Carpet Fringe I love to play with the soft tassels... but they're starting to fall off.
19 Steam from the Iron It's hot and humid... I like seeing how long I can hold my hand over it.
20 Balloon I like the feel of the knot... It reminds me of a belly button! Tee-hee!
21 Cromwell's Bed It's hard, cold, and very, very creepy...
22 Floor Mat It feels nice when I step on it... but not so much when I touch it.
23 Dover's Chair It looks like it's about to collapse... I think Dover's been sitting on it too long.
24 Bulletin Board I like the scratchy surface. Sticking a thumbtack in it is really fun, too!
25 Fitting Room Curtain I like trying to touch the ruffles on top!
26 Jack's Weapon It's all scratched up... And, um, are those red spots what I think they are...?
27 Tree Stump It's hard but smooth... so it's okay to sit on.
28 Shutter The third panel from the top is loose... It's fun to make it squeak!
29 Mushrooms They're moist and squishy!
30 Barrier I get the chills even before I touch it. How strange...
31 Radio Cassette Player The vibration of the bass feels nice.
32 Noodle Chute It looks like a miniaturized version of a water slide. Amazing...
33 Colleen She emits a cool, tingling sensation... I've never felt anything like it before!
34 Silver He's made of the finest imported materials.
35 Spooky's Tail The tip of it is soft and fluffy... like a cotton ball.
36 Prehistoric Egg It's gritty and really hard... It kind of smells funny, too.
37 Geological Layers Each layer has a different texture. I like the white one the best.
38 Pyramid Door No wonder it doesn't open... it's only a picture of a door! What a shock!
39 Suspension Bridge Ouch! It gave me a splinter!
40 Under the Bench The ground is wet and cool... It has just the right amount of moisture!
41 Mysterious Object Yuck, it's all soggy! What in the world is it?
42 Moss on the Statue It's really fuzzy... I like it!
43 Alien It feels spongy... Weird...
44 Broken Brick It's like a loose tooth! It's fun to make it go clackety-clack!
45 Daisy's Hand It's small, soft... and very cold. She must have poor circulation.
46 Stenciled Lettering I love sliding my hand across the smooth glass and onto the coarse letters!
47 Decorative Drapery It feels nice, but I don't think it's twisted enough.
48 Bundle of Noodles I like seeing how far I can bend it before it breaks.
49 Vending Machine Dispenser It's blowing cool air, and--well, um, actually that's all there is to say about it.
50 Manhole Cover I like the feel of the bumpy surface... and it kind of looks like a maze!